Super Bowl 2012 - Superbowl XLVI Information

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and is second only to the European Champions League soccer final as the most watched annual sporting event in the world. The annual game began in 1967 and has grown in size and significance to the point where it is essentially a holiday in the United States. The annual TV broadcast of the Superbowl is usually the most watched television program of the year and 'Super Bowl Sunday' generates the second most food sales of any day behind only the Thanksgiving Day holiday. It is also the largest single betting event in Nevada sports books and second only in wagering importance worldwide behind the aforementioned Champions League Final. In 2010 NFL betting enthusiasts wagered $82.7 million on the Superbowl at Nevada sportsbooks which earned a $6.9 million profit on the day’s wagering action. The bookmakers didn't do as well in 2011, when the Green Bay Packers' win netted a statewide profit of less than $1 million despite taking over $87 million of betting action.

The Super Bowl 2012 will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's the home field of the Indianapolis Colts, but its unlikely they'll get a chance to compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy on their home field due to the neck injury suffered by Peyton Manning. That will insure that at least one long running Super Bowl 'tradition' continues for at least another year—a NFL team has never played in a Super Bowl game on their home field. Assuming the Colts don't put together a 'miracle season' the next team with a chance to play for the crown on their home field will be the New Orleans Saints as the game is set to return to the 'Crescent City' in 2013.

A different venue will be chosen to host the Super Bowl 2015, usually a warm weather location to better facilitate tourism. The most frequent locations for the game are Miami (10 times). New Orleans (9 times), and Los Angeles (7 times). With the 2013 game set for New Orleans, they'll tie Miami for the title of most frequent Super Bowl host. At one point the host city’s status with regard to an NFL team wasn’t a factor but that policy has been revised so only cities with franchises are now considered—a policy change that makes a scenario where a team gets to fight for a Super Bowl win in front of their home field fans almost inevitable. The emphasis on a warm weather climate is also a part of the league rules surrounding the event—the NFL won’t award a game to a city with an average game time temperature of lower than 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). That rule can be waived for domed or retractable roof stadiums, and has been done so on three occasions with the game being held in Detroit twice and once in Minneapolis. It will be 'waived' again this year with the Super Bowl being awarded to Indianapolis.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Superbowl titles than any other team, capturing the championship six times. This puts them one game ahead of the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers who each have five victories. The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings share the dubious record for most appearances in the Superbowl without a win—each team has made four championship games and come away empty handed each time. Sports books are already offering odds on 2012 Super Bowl betting with the Packers, Patriots, Saints and Falcons among the favorites to win the championship game.

Face value Super Bowl tickets are no longer available, so if you want to attend the Super Bowl 2012 live you'll have to buy super bowl tickets on the secondary market—unfortunately at much higher prices. Another option for Super Bowl revelers is a trip to Las Vegas, where the city's casinos always offer an endless variety of parties and events focused on the game—along with an endless array of Super Bowl prop bets and other unique betting options.